The Top Technology Priority For 2013: Analytics And Business Intelligence

February 4, 2013 2:52 pm

The top technology priority for 2013, from a CIO perspective, has been published by Gartner. We spotted this today, and we are happy! Based on a new survey of 2,053 global CIOs conducted by Gartner – this is the top technology priority for 2013 –

Top Ten Business and IT Priorities for 2013
Business: Increasing enterprise growth
Technology: Analytics and business intelligence
Theoretically, analytics and business intelligence would help drive overall business growth.


Generally, IT spends follow the pattern of the ‘top technology priorities’ so IT firms will do well to derive their focus areas from this list of priorities. And given how vast these areas are and consequently how long any initiatives in these areas would be, they would do well to plan for these areas long-term.

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