The World Is Slowly Turning Into One Big Stock Market

December 14, 2012 5:49 am

Q: How many users does facebook have?
A: One billion
Q: What does that mean?

Right, what does that mean for businesses, users, and facebook? How big is that number, relative to what you care about? What does that number mean to you?
As information becomes a commodity, we are moving into an era where ‘the edge’ is defined by the speed and depth of how information is ‘understood’. What we infer from a given set of information will define this generation, and hence most of the technology innovation for the next decade.

If you are a trader, the faster you can make such inferences (“what does it mean”) the better your edge becomes, and that translates to financial gains from trading.

Very soon, with people carrying extremely smart devices in their pockets, we are looking at people trying to gain an edge from thousands of such inferences. What is missing now, and hence is being built by many firms small and big, is this: tools to help us make faster and deeper inferences from information.

In other words, the world is slowly turning into one big stock market.

Your tools define your edge. And your edge defines you. As long as your smartphone battery lasts, that is.

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