Tumblr Statistics: Now Bigger Than WordPress

June 16, 2011 4:14 pm

Tumblr statistics to stun you – there are a total of 93.4 million tumblr blogs and a total of 42.8 billion posts (Source). We have written about WordPress statistics before. We spotted this today:

“In January, Tumblr had more than 7 million individual blogs. At the time of this writing, the total blog ticker on its site read about three times that at 20,873,182 — beating out WordPress.com’s current count by about 85,000 blogs.

WordPress.com’s count doesn’t include sites that people host themselves with the open source software via WordPress.org, but given that the hosted service had about a four-year headstart, surpassing it in number is still an impressive feat for Tumblr.”

Statistics Source: Mashable

How do we digest these Tumblr statistics? Tumblr could well be the giant that nobody thinks it is – yes, every fourth new site on the internet is a wordpress site – Matt Mullenweg owns the internet but the Tumblr folks might be the real dominant force. And Reddit, of course.

Microblogging turned out to be bigger than anyone imagined. There were bigger players (Google with Blogger) who were better positioned to make use of such opportunity, but the Tumblr guys took the concept and ran with it. Twitter did so too, but in a different direction.

Watch out for Tumblr and Reddit. They are huge traffic machines: one is full of content and the other is full of pointers to content. They will have a huge impact on the way content is generated and shared in the next few years.

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