Two Million: The Number Of Words The Average Briton Texts In A Lifetime

August 5, 2013 10:51 pm

We had spotted quite a few statistics on text messaging in the past – but this one definitely takes the cake. We spotted this stat today, that each person in the UK would type out 2 million words as text messages over his/her lifetime on average (Source)

The number is huge no doubt, but it assumes that texting would retain its dominance as the communication medium of choice among people. That might change, but the number would remain huge for the generation that is in its 20s now – it is just what the generation has grown up with.

If you were looking for scale, as The Telegraph points out, the 2 million number equates to more than twice the complete works of Shakespeare (884,647 words) and almost four times Tolstoy’s epic War and Peace (561,093).

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