Unemployment Statistics: 2.2 Million Will Lose Benefits By February 2012

October 17, 2011 12:52 am

We spotted this today:

“In 2010, Congress approved an addition of up to 73 weeks of unemployment benefits backed by the federal government to the traditional 26 offered by the states. The duration of benefits varies from state-to-state, as regions with lower local unemployment rates get less than the full 73 weeks. The extension expires at the end of the year and President Barack Obama‘s jobs plan — shot down in the Senate this week — seeks to keep it going through 2012. The proposal doesn’t extend the maximum beyond 99 weeks, but it would allow those unemployed beyond 26 weeks to continue accessing the current program next year.

More than two million people eligible for benefits under the current plan would fall off the unemployment rolls by mid-February if no extension is passed, according to an estimate from the Labor Department.”

Statistics Source: WSJ

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