Wait A Minute. Apple Has No Data

November 4, 2013 11:35 pm

We spotted this statement today (we could not locate the link – apologies) – ‘Apple Has No Data’ and it registered immediately. Partly because in the relative scheme of things, this statement is so true. In a world that tracks what you see, click, like and buy, being the tech giant it is, Apple has no data. Not even in Music – Spotify knows your music preferences more than Apple does, probably.

Data is the currency of the future. If that is true, it is time for Apple to maybe move some of its resources into some huge data collection effort (disguised, like everyone else, as some social stuff or something like that). Crucial junctures demand big decisions. Remember Why Calling Steve Jobs ‘Lucky’ Would Be A Sin?

Wake Up, Apple. People are using your devices to send data to everyone else’s servers. Those bits are the dollars of the future. Maybe that is what Wall Street is telling you: “Wait A Minute. Apple Has No Data”

(Image Source: Norebbo)

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