We Bet You Never Knew This Would Be A $100 Billion Industry

February 18, 2013 9:06 am

We Bet You Never Knew This Would Be A $100 Billion Industry. We bet – you bet, that’s exactly what we are talking about – betting on mobile – all forms of gambling on mobile devices put together, is projected to reach revenues of 100 billion dollars in the next four years. We were definitely taken aback by the sheer size – because we knew the revenues of the whole of Las Vegas and how the revenue compares to movie screens for example. That is precisely the reason that this number surprised us – it is just huge when you look at it from an offline world perspective. Any case, this is what we spotted: “Wagers via mobile devices across all forms of gambling are expected to reach $100bn by 2017.” (Source)

When you look at this number based on the number of devices out there for example, this number is not that surprising anymore. There are more than half-a-billion android devices and about half-a-billion iOS devices on the planet, and these numbers are growing by the millions every day. Thats a billion devices right there. Now the $100bn number doesn’t look that huge any more.

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