What Does A Missed Call Mean To You?

January 9, 2013 3:39 pm

We had written about India’s ‘Missed Call’ Economy earlier – we dug a little deeper, and found the following specific instances where missed calls are already being used in India:

1. Punjab National Bank has a balance enquiry service that can be accessed via a missed call.

“All the customers have to do in order to know their savings account balance is dial the bank’s customer care at either 18001802222 or 01202490000 and give no more than three rings using their registered mobile phone numbers. Immediately after receiving the missed call, the system at the bank’s end sends the details of the accounts balance via an SMS.” Source

2. Online classified site quikr.com asks people to just give a missed call to a number, and you get a call back, helping you out with free listing on the site.

“Speaking on the launch of the new ad campaign, Aparna Mahesh, Brand Head, Quikr.com said, “We at Quikr believe that everything can and should be made simpler. Our research showed us that for many people in India, the act of posting an ad online is daunting and perceived as time-consuming. With that in mind, we launched the Missed Call service, which is sure to open up our platform to a huge number of users who have never tried us in the past.” Source

3. Zipdial uses missed calls very effectively to effectively become the bridge between marketers and the mobile.

“Here’s how it works – ZipDial gives brands a toll-free number that they can publicise for consumers to dial into. On dialling the toll-free number, the call rings once and disconnects and then the consumer receives an SMS with more information on the marketing campaign.” Source

ZipDial Chairman Sanjay Swamy said, “Instead of using texts we now make people convey the message by a missed call. Say our client will send you a message asking if you liked their service or not. You can give missed calls on specific numbers to convey a yes or a no.” Source

4. According to a study from the Learning Initiatives on Reforms for Network Economies a couple of years ago, over half of Indian cellular subscribers made missed calls to convey a message. Source

5. Netcore has a software product that provides analysis of missed calls Source. Adchakra has a similar solution for missed calls

6. RealTech has a product that helps farmers turn pumps on and off, with just missed calls.

7. Missed calls are also being used as a new mobile app distribution model – Give a missed call, Get an App Free

Here is the summary: Missed calls could be a ‘new communication tool’ in the making, and could potentially evolve into a Twitter-like platform for the rural parts of the developing world.

Do not miss this call, it could be important.

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