What Is Square’s Daily Payment Processing Volume?

March 6, 2012 3:36 am

We had spotted multiple square transaction statistics – it has had a stunning growth for a payment processing company – but how much is square handling on a daily basis? We spotted this today:

“Then, last October, Square switched to “billions per year” instead of “millions per day,” presumably because that sounds more impressive. (That’s cool, I still have a TI-89 handy.) Its “$2 billion per year” run rate in late October suggests around $5.5 million per day. And today’s update — “$4 billion per year” — is about $11 million per day.

Assuming Square gets a 2.75% cut of all of the $11 million in payments processed per day, that’s around $300,000 in revenue per day, or a $110 million annual revenue run rate. Neat.”

Statistics Source: SplatF

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1 Comment for “What Is Square’s Daily Payment Processing Volume?”

  1. Marite Ferrero

    A huge part of the revenues from 2.75% Square fees quoted in this article will go to paying scheme fees, interchange fees and processing fees. Depending on the blend of funding source (types of cards) that Square accepts and various risks and operating expenses, Square will probably end up with net revenues of somewhere between 0.3% to 0.6% of their Total Payment Volume.

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