When Will Our Examinations Use Truly Dynamic Questions?

February 27, 2013 7:38 am

In this age, it is strange that our education systems use examinations that are still static in nature. For example, there is a question, and you need to answer the question. Nothing changes WHILE you are trying to answer the question – all the variables, assumptions given about the problem remain the same until you finish solving the problem. That is one reason we are so ill-equipped when we are faced with problems in real life – because in real life and business, everything changes all the time.

We had written about another issue with our education systems some time back – “Why Are We Trained To Solve Problems, But Not To Identify Those?” – We had written this – “The problem to be solved was always STATED – nobody ever asked us to come up with a set of difficult problems to solve.
Over time, this lack of practice in identifying problems translates into difficulties in spotting profitable opportunities. Even if we do, there is a lack
of conviction and we end up pivoting multiple times.”

Place this question in that same group – When will our examinations use truly dynamic questions? As we start solving a problem regarding a car’s speed and distance, when will see a window that says “Wait a minute. The car is actually traveling in reverse” – There is some amount of dynamism used today in selecting the questions – for example, easier ones first, then based on your answers etc – but we have not seen a question change while the student is trying to answer it.

When Will Our Examinations Use Truly Dynamic Questions?

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