The Multiple ‘Me’s On The Internet

January 5, 2013 4:35 am

Well, the me on facebook is not the same as the me on linkedin. And the me on linkedin is not the same as the me playing Angry Birds. There are different ‘me’s. And most people would love to keep it that way. Multiple reasons to keep these as independent identities – for instance, when you are playing Angry Birds, you do not want to see a news feed that your friend just became a senior vice president at some place. Let’s face it: the truth is that on the Internet, we have different identities. And the irony is this: the Internet has not understood that fact yet. Have you ever wondered why that particular ad follows you around the internet?

One way to look at this is a huge missed opportunity from advertiser’s standpoint – today they think that the population reachable through the Internet is 2 billion or so. But with an average of 3 identities per person, that would be 6 billion!

The incognito mode on browsers is a start – but it is mostly a workaround and not a solution. It points to a future where we all have possible different, isolated avatars. But that kind of future has issues: for example, why should I choose my avatar on the Internet, if the Internet can deduce that on its own?

The ‘Not So Happy Me’ that looks at the smartphone in the morning wants to be treated differently than the ‘Very Tired But Relieved Me’ looking at my Mac in the evening. When Will The Internet Evolve To Treat The Different ‘Me’s Differently?

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