Which Currency Has Fallen 70 Percent Since 2014?

March 1, 2015 8:27 pm

If you track currencies, this is not news exactly – but if you are not, then here goes:

“Ukraine didn’t have the dollars to prop up its currency for very long, and when it belatedly admitted this, the hryvnia collapsed. Then it collapsed some more after the latest peace deal fell apart. So Ukraine’s central bank has done the only thing it could do: everything. It made its capital controls even stricter, banned currency trading, then reversed the ban on currency trading but begun intervening directly. It’s worked a little. Well, at least the hryvnia has rebounded from a low of 33.5 to now 27.2 per dollar. But that, as you can see above, is still a 70 percent fall from the start of 2014.” Source

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