Which Hedge Fund Did $1 Billion In Trades Every Working Day In 2012?

January 29, 2013 1:22 pm

We know Apple has been doing quite a few things around managing its Cash and taxes overall – but this one data point came as a surprise to us – Braeburn Capital, of which AAPL is a holding company, did some 250 billion dollars in trade in the year 2012 alone – and some 600 billion dollars in the last four years – that kind of trade volume is higher than some 99 percent of the hedge funds! (Source)

How do we digest this number? Thats the whole point, we cannot digest this – but here is an attempt – this sort of volume has a lot of implications from trading commissions going to banks that also give buy/sell recommendations for AAPL stock etc – lots of conflicts of interest overall. Managing Money is always difficult. And when you have almost 140 billion dollars to manage, it gets tricky for sure.

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