Which Image Site Gets A Billion Pageviews A Day?

May 16, 2012 4:18 pm

Well, we would never have guessed this one. One reason: we never knew this was so big. We spotted this today:

“Imgur gets one billion image views per day, up 1,200 percent from a year ago. A typical visitor looks at 11 pages per session.
Imgur (pronounced “imager”) was started by Alan Schaaf when he was an Ohio University undergrad. It’s not a photography site. The images it hosts are a mix of photos that have been manipulated in Photoshop, drawings, screenshots and memes.

The only time Imgur has ever been in the red, Schaaf said, was the $7 he paid for its domain. Since then the site has cost all sorts of money, but it has stayed ahead through advertising, donations and pro accounts, and keeps itself running with the help of EdgeCast’s content delivery network.”

Statistics Source: AllThingsD

How do we digest this number? Well, many people might be digesting this number right now, images are huge – this could easily be the next Instagram.

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