Which U.S. City Is The Most E-Literate?

April 18, 2012 10:38 pm

We had spotted multiple Kindle fire stats and Kindle stats in the past. We spotted this today:

“Lexington, Kentucky is the most e-literate city in America. On its heels are Ann Arbor, Michigan and Anchorage, Alaska. Congratulations, nerds!

A few observations from the rankings:

Major metropolitan cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Chicago and LA get crushed in these rankings. I guess we’re not as cultured and awesome as we originally thought!
College towns like Lexington, Madison and Ann Arbor fare the best in Kindle ownership.
Fresno, CA is the most digitally illiterate city in America. We are very disappointed in you. Same goes for Las Vegas and San Diego where a commitment to reading books on electronic devices is noticeably absent.”

Statistics Source: Pricenomics

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