Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About Progress Anymore?

January 30, 2013 2:30 pm

“You Promised Me Mars Colonies – Instead, I Got Facebook” – Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

We often hear people trying to define success, happiness or satisfaction – but very rarely we find anyone trying to define Progress. Let us look at this in more detail:

1. It is a given, that most of us want to be successful. So we try to take risks, work hard, etc. It is assumed that our end goal here is success – either monetary success, or success in terms of making an impact.

2. We then try to define happiness – after all, if that is the end goal, then we need not be successful to be happy. As an example, working on something you love, gives you happiness. You might not be successful, but you will be happy.

Conspicuous by its absence in the above discussion, is the word Progress. Making the world a better place. Is that even a parameter when we try to evaluate what we work on, for the next five, ten, fifteen years? Do we even know how to measure it? (Not that we know how to measure success or happiness, but we have some proxies) When did we stop talking about Progress? Why?

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  1. don

    great point about progress! sometimes the future looks bleak when we see what we have around us like everyone using i-pads that are less convenient than laptops. the problem with progress is that it is something that we have to invest in and we don’t make money off of progress.

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