Ads On Cars: Why Don’t We See Cars Wrapped In Advertisements?

February 8, 2013 6:54 am

Ads on cars were hyped us as the next big thing few years back – when everything is being sold as advertisement space, we were curious as to why we do not see lots of cars wrapped in ads – it is such an obvious candidate, that hundreds of people must have tried it. Right?

To an extent, yes. Google showed us that this was an idea that was tried multiple times during the internet boom of the late 90s when such ‘marketplaces’ could be conceived and rolled out in no time. And yes, most of them failed. For many reasons. We dug around further, and realized that there have been many models where as a driver you could pay some money and be part of some marketplace that gives you access to a list of advertisers who would pay you for driving around a car with their ads wrapped on it.

The issue boils down, as in most cases, to the guy writing the check. Why would an advertiser write a check for you to drive around a car wrapped in his ads? So the one reason why a marketplace like that does not exist (well, not very successful in any case) is this: the business case is really very very case specific – for example, your car’s ad space, based on your zipcode, car model, driving patterns etc is so specific to you, and you alone. That makes it extremely difficult for an advertiser to filter down to some ad space that will provide him value. The other issue, of course, is quantifying the benefits – but that is another story altogether.

So what is possible? We think that an etsy-like marketplace where you could ‘sell’ your specific ad space on your car – there is a possibility that one of that could exist. What do you think?

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