Why Hachi Will Succeed

June 15, 2012 2:05 pm

We have written about the Dunbar Number (What is Dunbar’s Number?) before – sure, 150 is a very, very low number, given the number of interaction points we have these days – we spotted this app called Hachi today – we wanted to put in a quick three point analysis on why we think Hachi will succeed:

1. Meta Layers generally fail when they serve no additional value than the underlying services. Example: A meta search engine that sits on top of Google, Bing and others will never succeed (if it can exist given the legal stuff anyways) bcos, at best, it can match the best search engine. The assumption then is that different search engines are good at different things (unfortunately not true). hachi is a meta layer on top of many popular social networks trying to do one thing absolutely right – it is like this, neither the bus station nor the railways nor the airlines can tell you how best you can get from Point A to Point B. You really need someone who knows all three.

2.Hachi fills a need. This is a very important point missed by many new concepts – there is a real need for a service like this today. The business case is just so clear on the professional side. On the personal side, it adds that element of finding out that a person is “not a total stranger” – not extremely important, but important.

3. One heuristic for new ideas, is to fix things that we are more likely to ask “Really? We were doing things that way?” in five years. The way we try to search for and connect with people today is broken. Hachi fixes that.

Try it out – Hachi

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