The Social Implications Of Google Glass

February 25, 2013 12:34 pm

Google Glass seems to be everywhere in the tech press these days. Ever since Sergey Brin was spotted on a NY Subway train wearing those, it has become every nerd’s dream to own one. And such interest has been tapped by Google very smartly – you need to now write them a 1500 dollar check to participate in their beta program – basically test their product, for them. So far, so good.

But we are talking about a product that is possibly the most socially intrusive device we have seen, ever. Why is it that nobody is talking about the negative social implications of the device? How will I talk to you, if I have no idea what you are seeing when you are looking at me? Are you looking at my Facebook profile which shows I just got kicked out of my job? Or that I just broke up with my girlfriend, which due to my own foolishness, is public information today? Or, you are just saying hello to me, but are catching up on baseball scores on your Glass, in which case I should consider myself a complete idiot? Will I even want to talk to anyone, ever, wearing one of those stupid things?

When do you wear them? Who gets to decide what those glasses can do? What if somebody comes up with a wrapper for Google Glass that gives you TSA-like naked body scanning capabilities, that is suddenly made possible due to the processing power in Google Glass? Can I wear a Google Glass when I am flying? What are the security implications? Is it legal to drive wearing one of these?

Yes, many of these issues exist today. With smartphones, one can make an argument that the exact same social issues exist, and are being handled to the best of our society’s abilities (“Please switch off your cell phones”) – shouldn’t we be talking about “Please take off your wearable devices” and its implications right now?

We understand that regulations exist – but a ‘Google and Glass’ scenario evolving into an ‘Apple and iTunes‘ or a ‘Facebook and Our Data‘ would be a very bad thing.

Why Is Nobody Talking About The Social Implications Of Google Glass?

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2 Comments for “The Social Implications Of Google Glass”

  1. I’m not talking about it as I don’t find it very relevant.

  2. There are actually lots of people talking about it. A bar in the United States made press by preemptively banning them, a funny college humor video makes fun of common situations wearing google glass, and a few others are pointing to the social implications. Definitely a relevant conversation!

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