Why Is Now A Special Moment In Time For Your Startup To Exist?

December 16, 2012 6:05 pm

In the TC Disrupt finals presentation from Sunglass, Roelof Botha (Partner, Sequoia Capital) had a question:

“I have a Why Now question – Why is now a special moment in time for your startup to exist?”

This is one question all startups need to ask themselves – and this resonates very well with Marc Andreessen’s theory : ‘Every single idea from the dotcom era was correct, the ones that failed just got the timing wrong’. This also complements the ‘track enabling technologies to get startup ideas’ heuristic that we had identified some time back.

While you might have identified the problem right, and might be working on a very efficient solution to the identified problem, you need to ask yourself this: ‘Why Is Now A Special Moment In Time For My Startup To Exist?’ It is basically the one question that will directly tell you how far you are from a ‘product-market fit’. Because like the stock market, in the world of startups, timing is everything.

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