Will Google.com Become Irrelevant?

May 10, 2015 12:29 am

Some Indian E-Commerce firms are going app-onlyMyntra is an example – there are some details that you just cannot miss in these decisions. For instance, this:

“Myntra and its parent Flipkart both shut their mobile websites in their first big move towards becoming mobile app-only shopping platforms, Mint reported on 20 March. Myntra already generates more than 90% of its traffic and 70% of its orders from its mobile app.”

and this:

“The moves by Myntra and Flipkart toward mobile app-only stores are intended to accelerate a consumer shift towards using smartphones as the preferred medium of shopping online, save costs and reduce dependence on the likes of Google Inc for luring new customers.” Source

We had noted some stats before, about India jumping the PC Internet phase and moving directly into the mobile internet phase – these app-only moves from big e-commerce (m-commerce?) players is more validation of the same.

As commerce moves to apps, and consumer acquisition strategies (and hence marketing dollars) move to individual branding rather than Google.com (which has started happening in the developing world in a big way) – Google.com might have challenges in staying relevant.

This is the same question as “Where is the Google.com for apps?”, but with an m-commerce and developing countries flavour. Will Google.com become irrelevant?

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