Will Incentives Kill The P2P Revolution?

November 4, 2016 12:04 am

The improving maturity of Blockchain technologies is a clear signal that a decentralized world is happening, and is happening much faster than what many of us thought. A P2P revolution is definitely on its way. Everything is in place – the devices, the technology, the regulatory environment (more or less) except .. incentives.

The economics of the P2P revolution have some big unanswered questions. Take Arcade City Vs Uber. The ICO concept makes sense – but it is not the “Initial” that matters, but the “Ongoing”. Who pays for maintenance and enhancement of these P2P apps running on the blockchain? For the revolution to play out, the apps on the blockchain need to compete, feature by feature, with the hubs. Particularly since end users wouldn’t care if the app is P2P or a hub. Price might win some of these battles, but not all. And what about the ecosystem? Who would build apps for the Arcade City API and why?

Will a lack of incentives kill the great P2P revolution even before it is born?

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