App Search: Will There Ever Be A ‘Good Like Google’ Search Engine For Apps?

February 10, 2013 8:36 am

The web (particularly when the content was predominantly text) had certain characteristics – the linking pattern, the ‘more-or-less’ structured content, tools used to generate text introducing a least common denominator in the way content appeared on the web, standards (well, more or less) and many other such factors that made it inherently ‘searchable’ – the world was just waiting for the perfect solution to happen – initially attempts were made trying to make sense of the content (which btw is a problem that will not be solved for another two decades maybe) but then Google happened.

The same however cannot be said about non-text content on the Internet. Yes, there are solutions, but none as good as Google for the text internet. That is a high benchmark for any search, and many times even Google has failed to match that kind of magic (e.g. desktop search)


Will there ever be a ‘Good Like Google’ search engine for apps (both mobile apps, and apps for the 5 inch plus devices)? Do mobile apps have a set of characteristics similar to the text internet that made Google possible? Obviously we cannot look for an ‘endorsement pattern’ similar to links – those just do not exist. The other point we should remember is that the scale is not that big, and that the growth rate is also not very comparable to the growth rate of the Internet (in terms of number of web pages). The current model, based on some kind of descriptive submission, works well. Discovery is the challenge – the model is more like ‘I stumbled upon this app’ than ‘I need to know what app can do this’. But this could change, and when that happens, the gap for a Google-like search engine would become obvious.

What do you think? Will There Ever Be A ‘Good Like Google’ Search Engine For Apps?

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