Would You Have Clicked?

December 20, 2012 2:03 pm

Google recently introduced some measures to handle the fat finger problem on mobiles. In a post titled ‘Combating accidental clicks in mobile ads‘ Google announced that it is taking a drastic step to address this:

“We find that most accidental clicks on in-app image ads happen at the outer edge of the ad unit, likely when you’re trying to click or scroll to nearby content. Now if you click on the outer border of the ad, we’ll prompt you to verify that you actually meant to click on the ad to learn more.”

If they had done the same on desktop ads AFTER a person had clicked on the ad, would any of us have continued to go to the site? To add a little spice, if you were told that so and so company would make so and so dollars because of you going ahead, would you go ahead with the click?

Remember, it is a 40 billion dollar question.

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