It Is Never Too Late To Launch A Simple Website

March 7, 2013 9:55 am

“If someone’s using a PC to demo the Next Big Thing…… then it’s not the next big thing” (Source) – statements like this are more popular these days – we live in the age of devices – the apples and androids have made it all look like we are already in a ‘minority report’ world. 5InchPlus tablet-like devices are the future – if you are building something, you better build something that is bleeding edge – does it use gestures? speech?

Although that sounds like sound advice from a technology and innovation standpoint, from a business standpoint nothing can be farther from the truth. Success stories are full of people who just followed the basics. There is a reason you open when you move to a new place or need something. It is not because craigslist is bleeding edge – in fact the website is a time travel to the 1990s – it is because the website solves a real problem.

The tricky part with thinking about “someone must have done this, let us move on” is this: as the environment around us changes, many simple ideas that might have been impossible earlier or have been tested and have failed – suddenly become possible. If you are interested in this tangent, you should read Andreessen: ‘Every Single Idea From The Dotcom Era Was Correct’

The Internet, even at a very basic level, is an extremely powerful idea. A database that can be updated by anyone anywhere in the world, and a user interface to view that – suddenly opens up a million possibilities. And that statement is as true today, as it was twenty years back.

So the next time you think of “why doesn’t a simple website exist that can do xyz for abc” – do not get bogged down by the folks talking about that bendable phone. It definitely helps to spend some time thinking about Why Now? – But do remember this: It is never too late to launch a simple website that solves a real problem.

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